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Chocolate Bark is of the best up and coming supplies of quality homemade Chocolate read the reviews below to find out

Reviews for Chocolate Bark

Trevor Rhodes
14 February 2018
You will have to try all of Chocolate Bark Mermaid Chocolate cos it’s all so good and flavoursome ,the Mint is actually minty,the Cherry so cherry,Orange so orangeie etc etc. I just want more and more……xxxxx

David Summers
5 February 2018
This is an amazing blend of my three favourite things. Chocolate bark, peanut butter and pretzels. Absolutely scrumptious. Wonderful what a bit of Chocolate Mermaid magic can do.
Julie Limb

3 February 2018
Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Pretzel Bark , totally delicious and no you’re not sharing mine, buy your own! £2.45 well spent 💜
Samantha Almey

14 February 2018
Eating the milk chocolate with banana & ‘fudge. It’s delicious…. my new favourite… yummy yummy.
Mike Evans

10 February 2018
Dark chocolate with apricot filling, wow!! These are bad boys, but so incredibly tasty. Highly recommended.
Dawn Bromehead

  8 February 2018
Tried the white choc bark with champagne its really nice. Now for some different flavours bark.
 Jo Evans
10 February 2018
Lovely Lemon truffles, thoroughly enjoyed them. Chocolate just melted in the mouth. Heaven. Thankyou. Looking forward to trying the bark next.
Nigel Limb
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